Cactus Gallery

A couple months ago, my friend, local Los Angeles artist Sherri Miranda, brought me over to Cactus Gallery in Elysian Valley/Frogtown. When I showed owner Sandra some of my work, she kindly invited me to participate in an exhibit for the gallery’s 9th anniversary.  Below is the work I made for that exhibit, which ran March 8th – April 8th.

Although I was slow on the roll to post about that exhibit here, I will be showing at Cactus Gallery again in June!



Braddock Tiles.

Along with 50 other artists, I made a print in support of Braddock Tiles! Each print is an edition of 250.. and they’re only $45!!!




From the website:

“Braddock Tiles will be a community based artisanal micro-factory located in a formerly abandoned church in North Braddock Pennsylvania whose first venture will be to hand produce the 20,000 beautifully colored ceramic tiles needed to give its landmark structure a new roof.”



Made a whole bunch of stickers today at the studio. People always like them, and it makes me happy to give them away. I love seeing which color people pick when I give them a chance to pick. Inevitably they usually can’t pick and ask for more than one :-)


Hand printed stickers.

Hand printed stickers.

Slowly Rebuilding My Website

I’ve been wanting to create a new website more conducive to my needs for a very long time, and the process of figuring out how to do that has been very difficult (I’m not a tech-y!), BUT I think I am finally on my way thanks to a great WordPress theme by a developer named Devin Price.

It has been a long time since I’ve posted regularly on my blog, and I recently lost all of my content due to an ‘update’ gone wrong. Luckily, the Wayback Machine had a copy for me and I was able to get the content back.

I will be slowly (read: tediously, and manually) rebuilding my blog archives, if only to have a copy of my old posts for myself. Heck, I have all my paper and pen journals since I was 14 years old, I should have my digital journal posts as well.  I’ve also learned my lesson and will back up my files regularly.

Anyway, thank you for visiting my site and checking out my artwork.  You can also check out my Facebook artist page at:

So Excited for July!!

I’ll be working with artist Erin McCullough (below), who has Downs Syndrome, on a large and permanent mosaic mural at The Jeffrey Foundation for early childhood development of special needs children.


Erin McCullough

[Artist Erin McCullough, working on a mosaic mural]

We have a couple days left for our campaign to raise money for this project.  Please consider donating to this endeavor at: , our campaign page.

As of today, we have raised close to $2000, but our goal is $4,000.

We are also looking for donations of supplies.  This includes glass, tiles, mosaic supplies in general, mirror glass, marbles, beads and anything else we can lay down and make a mosaic out of!
Please also consider passing along this information to anyone who might be interested in this project.
Again that link is:
We are so excited to do this and hope you will be a part of it with us!

Art on TV show “2 Broke Girls” and Shoutout from Chabad Online Live ( picked up my artwork being on the television show “2 Broke Girls” and wrote about it here.
OH YEAH! Didn’t post about it here (it’s very hard to keep track of this website as well as all the social networking sites!), But – Thanks to “2 Broke Girls” set decorator, Amy Feldman, who visited our art exhibit back in Dec, Rivka (my sister) and I had artwork on the TV show!  One of my handmade prints, “Tracht Gut (Think Good)”, got exceptionally well featured (see photo below).
Always glad to have work out in the open – especially when it’s such a good concept.  What can I say?  I’m a Lubavitcher at heart. Plus it’s so nice to hear when people enjoy my work or think it’s interesting enough to talk about.



21st Century Judy Chicago (or: How I learned to love dry ice and road flares)

Maybe I’ll write more about this later, but for now I’ll just tell you that sometimes all you need to do is answer a call for help and you could be well on to one of the more amazing experiences of your life so far.
I’m talking about answering the call for volunteers by Silverlake based Materials and Applications, to participate in a re-envisioning of Judy Chicago’s 1968, dry ice and road flares, performance installation “Disappearing Environments” to kick off the performance art series of Pacific Standard Time.


Dry ice and road flares Dry ice and road flares

Here’s a little interview I did about my experience for Hope you enjoy!

**photos by Michael Fox