Art on TV show “2 Broke Girls” and Shoutout from Chabad Online Live ( picked up my artwork being on the television show “2 Broke Girls” and wrote about it here.
OH YEAH! Didn’t post about it here (it’s very hard to keep track of this website as well as all the social networking sites!), But – Thanks to “2 Broke Girls” set decorator, Amy Feldman, who visited our art exhibit back in Dec, Rivka (my sister) and I had artwork on the TV show!  One of my handmade prints, “Tracht Gut (Think Good)”, got exceptionally well featured (see photo below).
Always glad to have work out in the open – especially when it’s such a good concept.  What can I say?  I’m a Lubavitcher at heart. Plus it’s so nice to hear when people enjoy my work or think it’s interesting enough to talk about.



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