So Excited for July!!

I’ll be working with artist Erin McCullough (below), who has Downs Syndrome, on a large and permanent mosaic mural at The Jeffrey Foundation for early childhood development of special needs children.


Erin McCullough

[Artist Erin McCullough, working on a mosaic mural]

We have a couple days left for our campaign to raise money for this project.  Please consider donating to this endeavor at: , our campaign page.

As of today, we have raised close to $2000, but our goal is $4,000.

We are also looking for donations of supplies.  This includes glass, tiles, mosaic supplies in general, mirror glass, marbles, beads and anything else we can lay down and make a mosaic out of!
Please also consider passing along this information to anyone who might be interested in this project.
Again that link is:
We are so excited to do this and hope you will be a part of it with us!

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